Since we all love to bike and ski on our trails, we all take care of them! It's great for the tourists too! Everybody wins with TCT! :)

Trail workin'

The difference between miles of trail and number of folks that work on them is pretty large, so we have to pick and choose projects for organized work days, and then hope the 2 or 3 real dedicated folks can make time for things like mowing, weedwhacking and clearing debris or trees off of other various trails just to keep them open.


When folks do come out in numbers things get done at a swift pace and then some. About 20 folks showed up to do trail work on the Sunday morning following the Canaan Mountain Bike Festival this year to work on part of the high profile Heart of the Highlands Trail system. We managed to construct a bridge across devils run and additionally complete a nice section of trail that followed it with a few rock bridges, bench cutting and raking. The show of force was great and Ken Dzaack, land manager at Canaan Valley Institute where the work site was for this day was very pleased with the progress. "I would have been ecstatic just to get the bridge in place today, so all the extra work is a real bonus" Dzaack said.


So it goes to show that bodies to help is the biggest issue with maintaining all the trails in Tucker County. "We have money for tools and equipment, it's the bodies to put them to use that is usually the hurdle" said Roger Lilly, president of TCT. Well on this day, there were no hurdles. Let's hope that can continue! 

Monthy trail work day is here! Saturday October 9th!



Howdy folks! Yes, it's that time again for monthly Tucker County Trails work day! 

When: Saturday October 9th. 10am sharp! (come a little earlier to help gear up to head out)
Where: meet at Blackwater Bikes

What: we have two things we would like to get done.

is the railings that need to be put on the new bridge on dobbin house
trail in blackwater falls. The wood is cut and ready to be taken out and
fastened. If you got minor or even better carpentry skills, bring em.
Feel free to bring your power drills or whatever also if you got one. We
should have the fasteners on hand. This is kind of a priority because
of agreements with the park and really shouldn't take long.

right around the corner,
we want to continue cutting back and making Lindy Run Trail (on the
blackwater side) more accessible to riders and hikers. It is
un-maintained by the usfs, so it is up to us, and if you have been on
it, you know what a precious trail it is! So bring your loppers if you
got em and help attack the rhododendron that is trying to take over! We
have a gas powered lopper also but the more the merrier! 

It is
looking like sweet weather, and we will supply lunch from either
hellbenders or sirianis for all trailworkers, so please come out and
join us and take pride in YOUR trails! :) 

Trailwork in Thomas City Park Saturday 9/18!

Trail work day/party Saturday 9/11/2010

August trailwork day! (Saturday the 14th)

trials rd near highline


sustainable trail building

Thomas Trail building party, Saturday 7/17/2010

July Trail workday is here!

June trailwork mtb festival day 6/27/2010